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Amnon Wolman is a sound artist, composer and educator who pursues a sound world that is influenced by social interactions as part of the musical information presented to the listener, and on how they impact the creative process of an artist. He is interested in the tension between creating a piece of art as a generalization presented to all people to hear/see as they wish, and the individual experience of a single person, a listener/watcher, a performer, a creator.


Amnon’s work is presented by various soloists, performance organizations,

galleries, and museums. Publications of some of his works are available

commercially and on the web, some can be requested here, and some are

in private collections. He studied in Israel (Tel Aviv University)

Holland (University of Utrecht) and in the USA (Stanford University)

and taught composition at Northwestern University, and

Brooklyn College/CUNY among others. He currently teaches at the

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and lives with his partner

Eyal Levinson in northern Israel, doing his best to support a just

solution for all Palestinians living under Israeli rule.

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