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Contour Editions just announced the release of The Tide of Memory. I am very grateful to Richard Garet and to Ido Govrin for providing the text. Here is the information:


OUT NOW: ce.onl_0034


Contour Editions is pleased to publish The Tide of Memory by Amnon Wolman, consisting of two audiovisual presentations that are selected excerpts from two sound installations with moving images. A text also accompanies the publication by Ido Govrin. Amnon Wolman is a sound artist and composer who focuses on social interactions to inform his process and sonic creations. He states that he is particularly interested “in the peculiar and subjective listening of an individual, and not with the generalizations that all listeners are presented with.” For viewing and listening to The Tide of Memory, visit the publication page found within the Catalog. To learn more about Amnon Wolman, please visit his profile here: artists

This online project is the latest development to present works that explore the various possibilities of sound and moving image, while also engaging with studio experimentation, materiality, processes, and diverse techniques to create and treat material and media. Contour Editions continued effort is to reach audiences globally on a personalized level, facilitating the presentation of independent original works of art. Subsequently, establishing a community of artists sharing similar interests towards incrementally instituting a significant archive of media works.


Online project: ce.onl_0034 Artist: Amnon Wolman Title: The Tide of Memory Format: Online Screening

Date: 2022


Very best,

Contour Editions

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